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BDO Package Info
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• All Big Daddy Outfitters' hunt packages require a 50%, non-refundable deposit before a date is reserved. Payments made be made via check, money order, or credit/debit card through PayPal© (here onsite). The remaining balance of the hunt is due upon arrival at BDO.

Our address for payments:

  Big Daddy Outfitters, Inc.
  1022 Woodard Road
  Windsor, NC 27983.

• All reservation must be made four months in advance to insure guests the dates that they request. Call or e-mail for information on available dates for this year.

• All BDO hunts come with lodging at our river-side cabin. Meals, except breakfast, will be provided daily by one of the prostaff and family.
BDO Guidelines
• All guests are responsible for purchasing their hunting license and any applicable tags before their hunt. You may purchase them online at or locally.

• All guests must follow all rules and regulations as governed by the Wildlife Resources Commission of North Carolina.

• All guests must sign a waiver and release form before beginning their hunt.

Each hunter may take at least one buck (per hunt) with at least eight (8) points and a inside spread at least as wide as the buck's ears (approx. 14 1/2 inches). Each hunter may also take two does (per hunt). Does will be taken until our quota is filled for the season.
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Bear Hunt
Call or E-Mail for available dates
• BDO offers semi-guided bear hunts. You will be taken to a pre-determined location, based on game movement and weather conditions, to hunt at your leisure. Meals and lodging provided.

• The bear must be a boar at least 200 pounds. If it is a sow, cub, or underweight, an additional $250 penalty will be attached to the trophy fee.
Prices are per person. You may pay here with PayPal© or via check/money order.
Three-Day Five-Day Trophy Fee
$900 $1500 $500