Pro-staffer Josh Morris
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"We can cater to the first time hunter or to the most experienced hunter. The pro-staff at Big Daddy Outfitters are all about making your hunt as easy as possible. We want you to be comfortable while hunting with us, whether you are a hunter that has taken 1,000 deer or a hunter that has never harvested any type of game." -- Brad Copeland, Operator of BDO

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"Big Daddy Outdoors - Round 1: Total Take Down"
• Released in September 2010, the first DVD from Big Daddy Outfitters includes something for every hunter in the family.
• Included in the DVD:
• Six turkey hunts, including Pro-staffer Brad Copeland's tom harvest (featured on "Cabela's Memories of the Field') and eight-year-old Tanner Morris' triple-beard tom.

• Four doe management hunts, including Pro-staffer Justin Morris' double doe harvest.

• Five buck hunts, including Holly Morris' first buck (featured on the Buck Forage web site) and Justin Morris' county-record-breaking blackpowder harvest.

• Our harvests were taken with gun, rifle, blackpowder or bow.

• Also included are a selection of bloopers from our hunts and interviews and a short interview with Big Daddy Outfitters' namesake, George "Big Daddy" Copeland in the closing credits.
Price: $9.00
(plus $2.00 shipping and handling)