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Big Daddy Outfitters' Gear Checklist
To have an enjoyable hunting trip, be sure that you check your gear before you leave.
This is a list of supplies that BDO suggests you pack for your trip.
These may seem like a non-issue, but we've all left these at one time or another.
- Weapons
- Ammunition/Arrows
- Wallet
- Money, Credit Cards, Tickets
- Orange Cap, Vest or Toboggan (Knit Cap)
- Camouflage Clothes and Boots
Weather-Related Items
The weather in eastern North Carolina can vary greatly day-to-day.
- Rain Gear
- Gloves
- Head Net
- Thermal Underwear
- Coat or Windbreaker
Hunting Items
Don't forget these accessories!
- Deer Calls, Rattle Bags, Bleat Cans, etc.
- Cover and Attractant Scents
- Binoculars
- Rangefinder
- Knife/Multitool
- Flashlight
- Coolers for Meat Curing
- Plastic Bags for Meat Storage/Transport
Other Stuff
Miscellaneous things that you may need
- Camera and Film
- Personal Hygiene Items (soap, razor, deodorant, etc.)
- Snacks (jerky, gum, candy, etc.)
- Pillow
- Sleeping Bag
- Blankets
- Phone Card
- Map or GPS
- Fishing Equipment
- Your Favorite Fishing Lures
A Must Have
Eastern North Carolina mosquitoes are legendary.

During the spring turkey season and the early fall deer seasons, mosquitoes are prevalent.

Even in early winter, if temperature gets warm enough, these little buggers will come out of the woodwork and make your hunt miserable.

Thermacell© has the best mosquito repellant we have ever used. Nothing has ever even come close.

Some hunters are concerned with the scents these units give off alerting game of your presence, but we have never seen any indication of this.

Make sure you include this your gear. Your skin will thank you for it.